Persoonlijke sessie...

IMG 72340953500090Your Heart is the Light of this world.
Don't cover it with your mind.
~ Mooji ~

Een persoonlijke sessie... voeding voor de Ziel... In deze tijd van ingrijpende veranderingen, versnelde ontwikkelingen en intense energieën, is heling en inzicht nodig vanuit een ander perspectief, het perspectief van de Ziel. Jouw Ziel die wil doorstromen, die zich wil manifesteren op Aarde maar daarin vaak wordt beperkt door de persoonlijkheid, het denken, de mind. Het mind-mechanisme dat getriggerd wordt, zodra er een emotionele wond wordt aangeraakt.

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Two Hearts, one Soul...

1376480 639396626082007 185027647 nFor my Body sees the beauty of your Face,
For my Soul sees the beauty of your Being,
My Brain unwinds to caress yours, for your Mind to let herself loose,
That you can immerse yourself in the Sea of Love I have for you…
~ Sil van Rijnsoever ~

Bijna 5 jaar geleden, op 15 februari 2013, ontmoetten we elkaar dankzij Henny de Waart en Nelleke Staal. 'Wil je met me trouwen…?', flapte ik eruit, nadat ik demonstratiemodel mocht zijn in de workshop Plavayoga die Jaap Bresser gaf. Een grapje... dacht ik toen…

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The most Wonderful Time of the Year...

IMG 20151224 143359Wishing you the best Holidays ever...!

In all of the realms,

In all of the dimensions,
In all that lives & moves through this wondrous creation,
There is nothing - nothing that compares
To the exquisite beauty of when the human soul
Awakens to her own capacity to love.

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Womb Healing – Welcoming the Light back in our Womb space…

IMG 48514980446906Come my love, pour your sacred fire into my darkness,
And light up this house of life,
For without your hearth to warm it,
It is cold and sleeping like the still dark frozen earth under the winter’s snow…
~ Peruquois ~

In deze tijd van stilte en naar binnen keren nodig ik je op de valreep van 2017 uit om op het moment van de diepste duisternis, toch nog even naar buiten te komen… om op reis te gaan... om vervolgens dieper dan diep in stilte en bij jezelf te kunnen zijn, in jezelf te kunnen landen en vanuit die stille plek, het Licht weer te verwelkomen…

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Womb Healing – The Rite of the Womb supported by Men

10338889 491696430930313 220849585566308470 nThis Ritual, the Rite of the Womb, is a gift to your Self, to each other and a powerful cleanse for the world as a whole. Both women and men can heal the trauma’s that are connected to the womb space and reclaim their natural power. The energy of the initiation, which is a healing as well as a blessing, activates the female power. The rite of the womb is a strong and soft way that balances your womb of creation.

The Womb is not a place to store fear and pain.
The Womb is to create and give birth to life.

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Germaine 1klein

My Soul recognizes Your Soul.
I honour the place in You where the entire Universe resides.
I honour the Love, Light, Truth, Beauty & Peace within You because it is also within Me.
In sharing these things we are united... We are the same...
We are One...

 Buddha was not a Buddhist, Jesus was not a Christian, Muhammed was not a Muslim.
They were Teachers
who taught Love.
Love was their Religion.

for those with eyes to see...


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The Divine Feminine...

'and i said to my body, softly
'i want to be your friend'.
it took a long breath and replied,
'i have been waiting my whole life for this...'
~ Nayyirah Waheed ~

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness,
Only Light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate,
Only Love can do that...
~ Martin Luther King jr ~