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Lalita Devi

Lalita DeviShe is the love moving the universe,
She is the original impulse within your own heart,
She is the one manifesting in all life as erotic attraction.
She is the One 'pervading unlimited space, yet fully manifest in every atom'.

The Goddess Lalita Devi is a much needed archetype of the
spiritually and erotically awake feminine.
She points us to a source of wisdom and empowerment
which is found through embodied intimacy with ourselves and the world.

Both challenging and tremendously attractive, she mirrors back to us
a forgotten and much feared and longed for embodiment of feminine power.
Rooted into the erotic Shakti of her body and the universe,
her view is vast, and she moves fearlessly into battles
insisting on the unstoppable power of our innate luminosity.

She IS the luminous space that opens within you as you shed the borrowed masks
and painful habits of separation and come closer to Self.
When the body awakens with Shakti and you see
the inherent Presence in all things, you 'see with a thousand eyes'.
She is the intoxicating beauty of pure perception.

She surrounds herself with hundreds of 'Shaktis':
Goddesses that symbolize different feminine resources of empowerment,
and through Her mytholog you tap into the Unapologetic Feminine:
She who dares to stand rooted in the authority of her untamed nature. 

Lalita Devi also symbolizes The Call to the spiritual path.
She is the embodiment of the alluring nectar of your own essence,
which keeps pulling you in underneath the surface of things.

She is that which shines from within as pure being
and the bliss that flows from it...

~ Awakening Women ~

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Germaine 1klein

My Soul recognizes Your Soul.
I honour the place in You where the entire Universe resides.
I honour the Love, Light, Truth, Beauty & Peace within You because it is also within Me.
In sharing these things we are united... We are the same...
We are One...

 Buddha was not a Buddhist, Jesus was not a Christian, Muhammed was not a Muslim.
They were Teachers
who taught Love.
Love was their Religion.

for those with eyes to see...


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The Divine Feminine...

'and i said to my body, softly
'i want to be your friend'.
it took a long breath and replied,
'i have been waiting my whole life for this...'
~ Nayyirah Waheed ~

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness,
Only Light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate,
Only Love can do that...
~ Martin Luther King jr ~