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Kali is Here…

Kali is here… de Zwarte Godin, vaak geassocieerd met de Dood, de ego-dood dan want zij is de bevrijder van de Ziel… onlangs kwam deze krachtige boodschap op mijn pad…

Channeled Message from Goddess KALI by
Sophie Bashford

Kali is here, and the message is sent straight to your Soul’s core. You’ve probably been feeling Her, or her presence that is extremely powerful, ‘no-nonsense’, straight-talking, fire-bellied and designed to cut through every line of bullshit that exists (especially the kind that comes wrapped in ‘new-age-spiritual packaging’).

Listen. Listen hard.

Sisters of Light, Brothers of Truth. Those who hold the swords that were forged in the fires of the Central Sun, and the Womb of the Universal Goddess – your lives are changing.

You may have spent the past days with an acute feeling of anxiety, discomfort, tension in the stomach, headaches, insomnia, nausea, racing or disturbed heartbeat. You may have felt that the past days have been almost unbearable and ripping the deepest parts of your Soul to shreds. You have felt often that you would like to leave this Earth Gathering and return to your star seed, earth angel and light-bearer origins.

These times are not easy. They are designed to fire up every single code and filament of divine light that exists inside you. The stormy seas of the lower-world-consciousness are being rocked and pulsed with higher frequencies night and day. The earth magnetics are changing significantly.

You are attuned to the Grand Purpose of the Reawakened Feminine, and this is going to demand every piece of courage and faith that you have ever mustered.

The ride begins now in earnest. We are all with you; emissaries of Light, angels, archangels, masters, avatars, nature beings, sea beings, elementals of all kinds – and of course, towering and luminous protectresses from the Sacred Feminine realms.

You will see unprecedented shifts taking place in the coming 6 months and beyond. You will not have a chance to control anything with your lower mind. This option simply does not exist. You are guided to surrender to the Great Goddess – everything – and I mean, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. – because your teachings, your codes of awakening, your light bearing mission – are needed.

Expect everything to be turned on it’s head. Where you think you are going now, you are not. I say this not to alarm you, but to blow open your heart to me. To realise that the seeds of this awakening mission to restore the earth to balance, were planted long before your little mind – with it’s worries, it’s plans, it’s need to control and make you feel safe and secure – came into being.

I am here to rock your precious world, down to it’s core. To strip you bare of any and all illusions that you are in control.

You WILL be restored to Power.

This is my greatest intention, my fullest mission, and my most devoted cause.

Sisters, Brothers, hear me now.

I am Here.

Give everything unto Me. I burn everything in my fires of love. I see you, and I know your struggles, your pain and your deepest fears.

Let me burn you into your greatest purpose. Let me set your entire life alight with the flames of passion and promise for a wholly better earth; an enlightened human consciousness; a world restored to perfect balance and harmony.

You sense in your deep belly, your deep bones, that something is coming. You are profoundly unsettled, and this is good. It means that you feel me, you feel HER, you feel the immense transformations that are rolling onto the shore.

There is no need to make plans, and I am saying that you would be most wise not to. Most of them will be turned to dust.

You prayed long ago for this time to arrive. Well, now it is arriving.

Hear me laugh wildly at your best-laid plans for your life. Let me tell you now that they are nowhere near ecstatic or wild enough. They are nowhere near good enough for you. They go nowhere near reaching upon the potential you carry for transforming this earth and her peoples.

In your darkest nights, your 3am, wide-eyed, staring at the ceiling sleepless nights – this is when I roar through your chakras like a force of divine creation. This is when I tell you that your life will never be the same again, starting now.

This is when I tell you that your profound sense of anxiety and inner chaos is absolutely, precisely correct – because what you are actually feeling is enormous excitement, huge waves of cresting sacred feminine power, and the blazing desire to roar the world back to life.

Kali Ma is here, has always been here, and will always remain.

There is no escaping your destiny. The seeds of your destiny are breaking open right now.

All Hail the Goddess. All Hail Those Who Follow Her.

I am Kali.

Kali is a manifestation of the Divine Mother and represents the female principle. She is the destroyer of sin, ignorance and decay, and destroys in order to recreate. 
She is equated with the eternal night, is the transcendent power of time and consort of the god Shiva. 
Kali is Shiva’s Shakti, without which Shiva could not act.

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