Message from the Grandmothers, from Beyond…

‘What does love have to do with it? Love grows when you trust. When you trust, love heals and renews. Love inspires and empowers us to do great things. And makes us a better person to love. Love makes us feel safe and brings us closer to God. When you go beyond that’s where you’ll find true love.’
Beyond: Spiritual Message by Tina Turner

‘We have a message for humanity.

It is of the utmost importance that people wake up to their true nature. To the pure nature of their being that is connected to the Earth, the Universe, all the Stars and each other. All the animals, minerals and plants are your allies, as is Nature. 

Become aware of the nature if reality, become aware of the shadows governing the world, become aware of the innate Wisdom that is hidden in your physical bodies.

Open up to your own true nature which is Love. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it. It is not your shadow that you must conquer, it is all the walls that you have built that prevent you from seeing Love as it is, a force of Nature. Not the sentiment that you portrait it to be. It is the immensely strong life force that has brought about you, the Universe and All that is…

In your human form it’s easy tot confuse the two: Love and sentiment. When you encounter true Love you belief all kinds of things about it, leading you to back away from receiving it.

That’s a program, a very powerful program put in place to keep you from your own true source of power, keeping you away from your own knowing, your own Wisdom.

Be courageous, be brave, be the Warrior of Light you are intended to be.

Embrace the shadow,
Find your Truth,
Find Love…

Go Beyond…’

Message from the Grandmothers, channel : Germaine. 🌹

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